Twenty10 and Friends – Daisy

May 13, 2020

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Welcome to this (slightly belated) edition of Twenty10 and Friends Self Care Edit, a self care edit to you from our staff, volunteers, and pals around NSW! This is a chance for us to let you know about nice things we’ve been watching, reading, listening to, eating, and doing while we’re all in lockdown. 

This week we’re joined by yoga instructor Daisy. Take it away, Daisy!

Film: Mereta: How Mum Decolonised the Screen

I had a Netflix party with my besties the other night and we watched this. A beautifully made documentary about Merata Mita; a Maori film director and producer based in New Zealand who was passionate about bringing her activism for First Nations sovereignty to the screen. Super interesting story about how her family perceived her staunch activism and hearing how misogyny and racism played out in Aotearoa in the 1980s.

Book: You Were Born For This by Chani Nicholas

I finally found out my time of birth! Which means I could do my birth chart like the good queer I am. This book written by queer astrologer Chani Nicholas walks you through your birth chart in a really accessible, exciting and inspiring way and explains to you how to get closer to your ‘life’s purpose’.

TV: You Can’t Ask That on ABC iview

Agh, this series is so good, addictive, educational, tear-jerking! It’s a series where a certain group of (often marginalised) people is interviewed about their experience living in Australia. Groups include refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, sex workers, firefighters, the list goes on. A warning; some of them are very heavy! But some are really enlightening. So watch with caution.

Podcast: Preach! by NPR

I found this podcast by searching Jessamyn Stanley‘s name. Jessamyn Stanley is a rad queer fat black yoga teacher from the U.S and is interviewed on this podcast. Generally the podcast is about people who have had an evolving relationship with faith or religion, and how they have found their way through misaligning values. Lots of queers appear on this podcast; it’s really interesting.

Exercise: Walking in the great outdoors and yoga

I live in the inner west of Sydney, and I’ve been taking advantage of the sunshine and getting outside when I can during isolation by walking to the Cooks River. There’s lots of different paths you can take along the river and I enjoy the walk through the streets there gazing at the houses just as much.

And duh, I’ve been teaching queer and trans yoga online to people from all over the world on Sunday nights. You can check out my yoga website here. (Editor’s note: Daisy is also teaching a yoga class on Friday 15 May for LGBTIQA+ folks aged 12-25 from 9am! If you want to sign up, send us an email.)

Cook: Pappa al Pomodoro

HELLO to this easy and cheap meal that is sooo satisfying and delicious as the nights get colder. It’s like a big tomato soup with bread in it! YUM. I have found this website called and it’s kinda changed my life. They’ve got thousands of free recipes and some of them have videos to show you how to do stuff. Satisfying.


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