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January 12, 2021

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Welcome to this year’s Show Ponies!

Show Ponies is Twenty10’s annual program of creative workshops and exhibition for young LGBTIQA+ artists aged 12-25. This year all Show Ponies workshops will coincide with Sydney’s Mardi Gras season and culminate with an opportunity for participants to showcase and sell their works at the annual art exhibition held at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on the 27th of February 2021.  

This year’s theme: Making Constellations

Thank you to Kieran Butler for designing this year’s promo images for the exhibition!

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Submit your artwork!

Are you an LGBTIQA+ person aged 12-25 living in NSW? Then you’re eligible to submit your artwork to the Show Ponies Exhibition!

Fill out our submission form by 5pm on Friday, 19 February and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Exhibition 27 February 2021

The Show Ponies Art Exhibition will take place at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre on Saturday, 27 February. This is a chance for young LGBTIQA+ folks aged 12-25 to show and sell artwork, with the sale prices going directly to the artists! We’ll also have snacks, a BBQ, and more.

We’ll also be awarding some prizes at the exhibition:

  • 1st Prize: $500
  • 2nd Prize: $200
  • People’s Choice: $200
  • The Show Pony (for an up-and-coming artist): $100 art pack
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Digital Art workshops with Kieran Butler

Self-Aware is a series of digital collaging workshops. Learn how to make digital collages on Photoshop, Canva or IRL! In the workshops you will undertake a process of reflection exploring ways we read, break down and reconstruct images in order to inform our own sense of self. These workshops are open to LGBTQIA+ and allies aged 12 – 25 years and will be facilitated by Sydney based artist and designer Kieran Butler.

These workshops will take place on our hangOUT Discord server – email for more information.

RSVP to the Digital Art workshops here.

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Kieran Butler (b. 1992) is an emerging artist whoworks across photography, graphic design, fashion, and performance. Currently their research looks examining non-binary models of contemporaryphotographic and design practices, gender identity, diasporic familial histories, and where these histories might speak to oneanother. Kieran was born and raised on the land of the Yuin Nation and currently lives and works onWangal, Gadigal and Bedigal land, Sydney, Australia. Kieran’s pronouns are they/them. Find them on Instagram: @k.h.bebe

Image credit: Kieran Butler, Documentation of Magic Circles for City of Sydney’s Site Works Creative Hoardings, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist. 

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Ceramics Workshop with EJ Son

Learn how to work with clay at this workshop taking place with EJ Son at MakerSpace in Marrickville.

RSVP for the Ceramics Workshop here.

Location: 12 Gerard St, Marrickville

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EJ Son is a Sydney based creative born in South Korea, their works are self- referential in dedication to honesty and humour, spanning across ceramics, video, painting and installation. They find the representation of minorities as of utmost importance and aims to amplify their voices and experiences. Their 2018- 2020 New years resolution was inspired by a meme that said ‘have the confidence of a mediocre white man’ which they soon found themselves to have fully adopted, so much so that when asked where they had come by from they were so startled. They rushed to the nearby reflection and gasped as they saw a beautiful Asian woman, their petite breasts, almond eyes and jet black hair. They were possessed by their exotic beauty. Follow them on Instagram: @ejhotdogs

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Painting Workshops with Prince Aydin

Put brush to paper or canvas in this workshop at the new Twenty10 building!

RSVP to the Painting Workshops here.

Location: 37 Shepherd St, Chippendale

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Prince often manifests in their work the key idea of the artist as a voyager of autobiographical infected forms, contexts, and genres. They are a painter, performance-maker, mover, writer, walker, visual, and (most-recently) film artist — also examining (and tracing) the received wisdom concerning a broad thematic range of subjects including autobiography, history, memory, time, space, the self-portrait, considerations of political systems and trauma subjectivities. They use an inventive witty palate, parodic humour, and inter-textual gifts in questioning stale notions of gender, sexuality, and politics – taking leave from self-reflection, private and public forms of expression and a shared space of embodied subjectivity. 

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No Events


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