We regularly host our Full Day Prism LGBTIQA+ Inclusivity Training for individuals. Trainings have a strong focus on understanding the realities that LGBTIQA+ people face and how to better support them. We cover topics like terminology, inclusive language, understanding realities for LGBTIQA+ communities, social and health impacts of discrimination and practical ways to support our communities, individually and organisationally.

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About Prism LGBTIQA+ Inclusivity Training

PRISM Inclusivity Training is a one-day practical workshop for building confidence in working with people of diverse genders, diverse sexualities and/or intersex status. This includes but is not limited to people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual etc, (LGBTIQA+).

PRISM helps you explore how better practice principles by introducing you to the latest research and thinking around inclusive practise as well as strategies to challenge homophobia, transphobia and heteronormativity so you can make a real difference for your family, friends, workplace, and community.

    Full Day Face-2-Face Training

    Participants engage a broad range of resources and have time for practical break out groups to apply learnings within their own settings. There is also time for questions and discussions with our qualified trainers.

    Understanding the LGBTIQA+ acronym, and unpacking language and terms like gender, sexuality, sex characteristics and identity;

    • Recognise realities for LGBTIQA+ populations – current leading research, social and health impacts of discrimination, stigma, microaggressions;
    • Affirmative practice-practical tools we can use to create a culture that is safer for LGBTIQA+ people to be themselves. We talk about things like inclusive verbal and visual language, pronouns and allyship.
    • Identify gaps in LGBTIQA+ equity and culture within your work, school, or organisational practices;
    • Identify resources and services to use with clients and workers;
    • Develop ways to transform learnings into action as you discuss applications within your specific work environments.

    In addition to the skills and knowledge that attendees build during this training, all participants will receive a certificate for taking part in our LGBTIQA+ Inclusivity Training.

    Duration: 7 Hours

    Fees: $220 (price includes catering, concession rates available)

    Please email us if you are interested in individual training presented online, or if you have any other questions training@twenty10.org.au.

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