People of all ages and many different backgrounds enjoy making a difference as a volunteer at Twenty10 inc. GLCS NSW.

If you are selected to join our volunteer program, you will be joining a long history of people who have been the cornerstone of much of our work since volunteers started the Campaign Against Moral Persecution in 1970, took the first calls at ‘Phone a Friend’ in 1973 or set up the ‘2010’ youth refuge in 1982.

Whether you come to us with specific expertise or are just wanting to lend a hand, we greatly appreciate our volunteers’ contributions and could not serve the community without them.

Looking for other ways to support Twenty10? We would be so grateful if you could make a donation to help us continue our work – and we thank you for your support.


For me, Volunteering on the phones is a profoundly community affirming experience. Working with fellow volunteers and listening to callers makes me feel a sense of solidarity and support amongst my queer peers.

Kate, QLife Peer Supporter Volunteer


We need you! Twenty10 is seeking to grow our amazing team of dedicated volunteers, to help us continue to create safe and engaging spaces for LGBTIQA+ youth! We are seeking volunteers for our core youth social programs, including:

  • Drop In (Currently once per month on a Saturday afternoon, 12-3pm in Chippendale)
  • OutWest (Weekly, on a Wednesday, 5-7pm in Parramatta).
  • HangOUT (Currently weekly, online, on a Tuesday afternoon 4-6pm)

All of the above programs are free, and open to LGBTIQA+ youth aged 12-25.

If you are available for any of these offerings, you are strongly encouraged to apply.

We often have other fun activities popping up across a range of dates and times which we could use a hand with, so even if you’re not available Wednesdays, Tuesdays or Saturdays feel welcome to apply.


Applicants will need:

  • A current volunteer working with children check. (These are free to apply for)
  • To be aged 26 or older

Applications close 5PM AEST 31 MAY 2023

To express your interest, apply below.


  • Experience in or passion to create safer spaces for LGBTIQA+ folks
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of the current issues affecting LGBTIQA+ young people.
  • Experience or passion to work with children and young people
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, understanding that there are a diversity of ways people can communicate, and respecting the unique experiences and expressions of the young people we work with.
  • Bring what makes you you! We are interested in your creativity, problem solving, unique way of being a queer person in the world and sharing that with others.


  • Welcoming clients and visitors, and notifying appropriate staff of any other visitors to group spaces.
  • Identifying new clients and introducing them to staff for intake and orientation.
  • Assisting clients in filling out intake and attendance forms if needed.
  • Attending and participating in group activities, including some off-site activities or online activities (subject to your program engagement and availability e.g. drop in, hang out, outwest)
  • Modelling social inclusion and participation including encouraging clients to start or join conversations and activities with other clients
  • Affirming client’s gender through the correct use of name and pronouns
  • Modelling and discussing the Safer Space Guidelines with young people as needed
  • Informing staff of any issues needing attention or incidents to report
  • Helping with setting up and packing up materials and resources before and after group
  • Assisting with food preparation and distribution, maintaining food safety.
  • Encouraging and assisting young people to keep their area clean and tidy
  • Other duties may be required for additional events and programs, A client engagement officer will check in with you about your ability and willingness to do these duties.


fair day
Project, Admin and Event Roles

Many hands make light work and some people prefer to help out behind the scenes (non client facing).

Mardi Gras

Face to Face Roles

Many of our volunteers work alongside our clients, who are often looking to connect with others socially for support.

Twenty10 building

Phone & Web Support Roles

Our QLife volunteers provide telephone and web support to LGBTI people to provide information and one-off support.