What is the Roadmap?

Australia’s national research infrastructure is supported by a policy framework regarded internationally as best-in-class. 

Through successive Roadmaps in 2011 and 2016, the Australian Government sought the input of researchers and other stakeholders to ensure that the strategic decisions made about national research infrastructure reflected the strengths, challenges and aspirations of the community. The result has been a richly resourced infrastructure network, capable of powering the safety and prosperity of the nation.

In 2021, the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap will engage the research community across a range of innovative online platforms to discuss and identify solutions for our most pressing questions:

  • What does our existing infrastructure need to fulfil its potential?
  • How do we prepare our infrastructure to withstand crisis and catastrophe?
  • What will our community need to meet the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead?

What happens next?

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
  • Final
  • Open for community contributions

    All those who support, use or benefit from Australia’s national research infrastructure are encouraged to provide input and share ideas.

  • Exposure draft developed

    DESE works with community contributions to prepare the Exposure Draft of the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2021.

  • Open for community review

    All those with an interest in the development of the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2021 are invited to provide feedback on the Exposure Draft.

  • Roadmap released

    The Expert Working Group delivers a final draft of the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2021 to Government.

  • Government response

    Government will respond to the recommendations of the 2021 Roadmap through its 2022 Research Infrastructure Investment Plan.

Who is responsible for the Roadmap in 2021?

An Expert Working Group has been assembled to steer the development of the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2021.

The members of the Expert Working Group were agreed to by the Minister for Education and the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, and will be announced in early 2021. Their work will be supported by a taskforce within the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, with secondees from a range of Government agencies.

At the close of the Roadmap, the Expert Working Group will prepare a report for the Government providing context and perspectives on how the national research infrastructure can best be supported over the next five years and beyond.

How can you get involved?

We will be announcing a series of online events that will be open to anyone with an interest in our national research infrastructure. 

We invite all those who manage or work in national research infrastructure facilities and projects—as well as all those who use and benefit from them—to join us in thinking and talking about how we can optimise our existing infrastructure, how we can ensure its future resilience, and how we can transform it to meet challenges and maximise opportunities in the years ahead.

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Ideas Jams

Online brainstorming to toss up new ideas, and chase down smart solutions.

Virtual Events

Facilitated small-group video conferences to surface opinions and delve into details.


Call-out for general responses, uploaded as word, video or audio files.


Targeted questions about where we are now, and where we want to be.

“The National Research Infrastructure Roadmap is a precious opportunity to position not just our science, but our society, to catch the waves of discovery ahead.”

Alan Finkel
Chief Scientist (2016-2020), Chairman National Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2016